The promise was equality for African Americans. The struggle was the battle for civil rights and fair treatment.

Share cropping was a common way for Whites to control Blacks after slavery ended in the same exact way, except it wasn’t against there will; they just had no other options. In the picture to the left a share-cropper family is next to their rundown house provided by their employer. They get little to no pay and grow crops all day long 7 days a week.

The top school is a white school and has many nice facilities and a good education. The bottom school is a black school and has rundown facilities and a poor education. This is an example of “Separate but Equal.”

In this picture Elizabeth Eckford is screamed at for her race. She is

discriminated against even after being admitted into an all white high school by orders of the president.

In this picture young Nikie doesn’t know it yet but she will have a brighter future than her mother because of verdict in the Brown vs. Board of Education case.