By: Dylan Wright

I chose the article “The Bloody Guilt of Those Who Did Not Help” by Dylan Wright as the most important news article of the semester from the “Asia-press” section.. The article describes the horror of nearly 20 people passing by a two-year-old girl named Wang Yue, who was lying in the street dyeing. It happened in Foshan, China after two vans hit the toddler. She wasn’t helped until a homeless woman found her and called out for help.

This story is significant because it shows how selfish we can be in this day and age. Our morals have changed. It’s said that it takes 20 people before someone finally cared enough to do something as simple as call out for help. I think we can all learn from this; we can all be a little more kind and have less selfishness. This video describes the scene and shows the security video:

While tragic accidents may make the news often I think that this is more important because it has a lesson. There is something to take away from this horrible incident. Don’t be selfish; you may not pay in the moment, but in time you will. These people who didn’t help the toddler were ridiculed and hated. They could have been heroes had they just spent 5 minutes out of their day to save a life.