Article: Legendary Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Fired After Repercussions of Sex Scandal

In his article, Jonothan Stepka sheds light on the firing of the legendary Joe Paterno from Penn State University because of how he handled reports of a sex scandal. Many people are outraged by this and it probably won’t be leaving the news anytime soon.


Article: Drug Trafficker Caught

In her article, Natalie Zolten talks of an infamous drug trafficker known as Antonia Lopes being caught. It’s a good thing he’s off of the streets, and now the people of Brazil can feel at least a little bit safer.


Article: Clashes Continue in Syria

Shawqi Musallam’s article is about the continuing clashes of Syria which are getting many people killed. Too many people have died so far and hopefully these clashes can be stopped before anyone else dies.