By: Dylan Wright

A two year old girl was hit by 2 different vans on Friday as she crossed a busy market street. Neither truck driver stopped to help the girl. The truly disturbing thing about this accident, however, is that as many as 18 citizens, not including the drivers of the vans, passed by the girl and didn’t help her. She lay there for almost 20 minutes bleeding and dying until finally an old homeless woman who was digging through the trash helped her. This happened in Guangzhou, China, and the mayor of the town says it brings great shame to the city.

Here is a link to one of hundreds of disturbing videos that have been added on youtube in the past week:
(This video does not show anything inappropriate, but others do show the actual incident, in which case the van hits the little girl.)

This is a picture of the van that hits her a few seconds before she is hit



This is a picture of the 19th person to pass by, the one homeless elderly woman who stopped to help her

This is her in the hospital the day she is hit

Young Wang Yue was in a coma for more than a weak before she finally died.

Two people have been arrested for the hit-and-run so far, and they are still looking for the driver of the second van.

The toddler’s mother was surrounded by news crews on the day that young Wang Yue, or YueYue, as her mother called her died.

How cruel, how senseless; the thought that if maybe one person, just a few minutes earlier had helped this poor toddler, that she might sill be alive today, the thought that maybe, just maybe, she would have survived the tragic incident, and would have one day been reunited with her family; these are all thoughts that race through your mind as you think of this. Sometimes there’s just no way to go back, no way to right your wrong. Because of some people’s selfish hearts, Wang Yue is dead today, and it could have been prevented. The human race is by no means prefect, but I thought that we were a little more sophisticated, a little more compassionate, and over all a little more kind, than to let a 2 year old, covered in her own blood, lie dying on a street, as we walk by.