By Dylan Wright

On Friday March 11th this year a powerful 9.0 earthquake struck Japan. The epicenter of this massive and destructive ‘quake was several miles off of the coast of Japan, in the Pacific Ocean. It immediately raised tsunami threats and warnings. A 13 ft. tsunami hit Japans eastern seaboard several minutes later, not giving the citizens much time to prepare. This was the 5th largest earthquake recorded in the world since the beginning of the 1900’s.  The earthquake and the tsunami were a deadly couple. Several months later another earthquake hit; it’s magnitude a 5.8. Citizens were warned of possible 50-centimeter waves along the coastline at high speeds. The nuclear power plants that are well known for leaking radiation during the first earthquake and tsunami reported that there was no damage to their structures. The epicenter of this earthquake was near that of the 9.0 earthquake’s from March. This relative closeness of the two epicenters has many people concerned and questioning the possibility of another earthquake.

Although not much damage was recorded from the 5.8 earthquake that hit last week, it still is an awful addition to the already devastated northeastern Japan. The people of Japan have many things to worry about, and had a frightful day last week, but got off lucky, in my opinion. My heart goes out to the people of Japan. I wish them good luck and hope that no more natural disasters affect them for a long time; if one did they might not be able to recover.