The promise was equality for African Americans. The struggle was the battle for civil rights and fair treatment.

Share cropping was a common way for Whites to control Blacks after slavery ended in the same exact way, except it wasn’t against there will; they just had no other options. In the picture to the left a share-cropper family is next to their rundown house provided by their employer. They get little to no pay and grow crops all day long 7 days a week.

The top school is a white school and has many nice facilities and a good education. The bottom school is a black school and has rundown facilities and a poor education. This is an example of “Separate but Equal.”

In this picture Elizabeth Eckford is screamed at for her race. She is

discriminated against even after being admitted into an all white high school by orders of the president.

In this picture young Nikie doesn’t know it yet but she will have a brighter future than her mother because of verdict in the Brown vs. Board of Education case.


By: Dylan Wright

I chose the article “The Bloody Guilt of Those Who Did Not Help” by Dylan Wright as the most important news article of the semester from the “Asia-press” section.. The article describes the horror of nearly 20 people passing by a two-year-old girl named Wang Yue, who was lying in the street dyeing. It happened in Foshan, China after two vans hit the toddler. She wasn’t helped until a homeless woman found her and called out for help.

This story is significant because it shows how selfish we can be in this day and age. Our morals have changed. It’s said that it takes 20 people before someone finally cared enough to do something as simple as call out for help. I think we can all learn from this; we can all be a little more kind and have less selfishness. This video describes the scene and shows the security video:

While tragic accidents may make the news often I think that this is more important because it has a lesson. There is something to take away from this horrible incident. Don’t be selfish; you may not pay in the moment, but in time you will. These people who didn’t help the toddler were ridiculed and hated. They could have been heroes had they just spent 5 minutes out of their day to save a life.



By: Dylan Wright

This assignment focused on finding Henry David Thoreau’s true meaning of civil disobedience, and giving examples of how it was applied in the Civil Rights Movement and the Abolitionist Movement. I was in charge of Describing Thoreau’s meaning of civil disobedience. (Part A)

One real life example of civil disobedience that I have encountered was when my friend was upset with his parents so instead of doing what they said he just kept doing what he was doing. This conveyed that he did not approve of what they were doing and would not cooperate with them under “unfair” conditions.

Civil Disobedience PowerPoint

Article: Legendary Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Fired After Repercussions of Sex Scandal

In his article, Jonothan Stepka sheds light on the firing of the legendary Joe Paterno from Penn State University because of how he handled reports of a sex scandal. Many people are outraged by this and it probably won’t be leaving the news anytime soon.


Article: Drug Trafficker Caught

In her article, Natalie Zolten talks of an infamous drug trafficker known as Antonia Lopes being caught. It’s a good thing he’s off of the streets, and now the people of Brazil can feel at least a little bit safer.


Article: Clashes Continue in Syria

Shawqi Musallam’s article is about the continuing clashes of Syria which are getting many people killed. Too many people have died so far and hopefully these clashes can be stopped before anyone else dies.


By: Dylan Wright

It’s been nearly three weeks since floods began to ravage Thailand’s capitol city, Bangkok, yet thousands of civilians are still refugees in their own town. Many of these residents are staying at the Don Muang – literally meaning, “higher grounded city” – Airport. One resident stranded at the airport says “ I have lost the ability to be angry…Anger will just stress me out more.” Many companies that have factories in Thailand are suffering.

I feel bad for the people of Thailand. All of there things will be destroyed and their businesses will be ruined. These people need a lot of help now, and I think one of the best things they could get was shelter. I’m glad the airport was available to citizens and that it wasn’t flooded.

In the 1830’s, the official U.S. policy toward American Indians was the removal of them from their land. This was Accompanied by the rationalization that this was inevitable, that the Indians were not advanced enough in the new world, and that the Indians were savage animals. The Indian Removal Act gave legal merit to this policy of removal. Although those who rationalize in a vague and shallow attempt to justify this slaughter say that this was inevitable, there were indeed other ways of dealing with this issue, and throughout the history of this event there were many proposals that were simply thrown aside; thrown aside as simply as the lives of the American Indians.

In a fictional scenario, this could have been avoided through the process of simply making a peaceful treaty with the American Indians, and letting them keep their land. Andrew Jackson did not need to, and had no good reasoning behind the passing of the Indian Removal Act, and the thousands of people who did not agree with this decision had thousands of ideas that could have saved the lives of thousands of American Indians. Groups such as the Whigs and Presbyterians realized how sacred these lands were to the Indians, that these were the lands of their ancestors, and told the story of their heritage. These religious groups fought for the Indians, tried to give them a chance. Say that these attempts had worked:

The Whigs and the Presbyterians successful campaign for Indian’s land is finally over. They have convinced a frugal nation and Congress passed a law yesterday known as the Indian Land Agreement. This gives the Indians custody to any lands in which they already inhabit, and confirms peace between the settlers and Indians. It is now illegal for anyone to buy, sell, build on, or trespass on Indian property. This new Indian Property will be a series of small and large nations, owned base upon the tribes that cultivate the determined area. This said area will be determined through a process of the U.S. occupying all land they currently own, and allowing the Indians to measure out what land is theirs. The U.S. can then proceed to expand around these lands if it wishes.

If this had really happened, the United States and the Indian territories could have been two separate nations, and been peaceful, resourceful neighbors. Unfortunately, however, with the passing of the IRA the Indians lost their land and became enemies of the United States. Luckily our modern government saw our past mistakes and made an attempt to correct them, which brought at least some relations between the U.S. and the Indians again, but there is still a lot of tension. There were many good ideas, and only a few bad ones; unfortunately for the U.S. we chose one of the bad ones, which killed many Indians, extinct many Indian cultures, and in the long run, cost the U.S. a chance at a valuable partner.

By Dylan Wright

Article: TSA Agent Accused of Stealing $40,000

In his article, Jonathan Stepka tells of 2 TSA Agents who are accused of stealing $40,000 out of a bag they were checking. They are looking into increasing the surveillance of the checking stations because of this act.


Article: Flight Attendant Found Dead in Mexico City Hotel

Alex King’s article describes a flight attendant’s death in a Mexico City HIlton. It all happened during a flight layover, which brings up many questions.


Article: Chemical Bombs Confirmed in Libya

William McCastlain’s article confirms the rumors that Libya had Chemical Bombs stored away. These bombs were Gaddafi’s and the new Libya wants nothing to do with them, thereforeLibya’s new leaders called people in to have them disposed of.









By: Dylan Wright

A two year old girl was hit by 2 different vans on Friday as she crossed a busy market street. Neither truck driver stopped to help the girl. The truly disturbing thing about this accident, however, is that as many as 18 citizens, not including the drivers of the vans, passed by the girl and didn’t help her. She lay there for almost 20 minutes bleeding and dying until finally an old homeless woman who was digging through the trash helped her. This happened in Guangzhou, China, and the mayor of the town says it brings great shame to the city.

Here is a link to one of hundreds of disturbing videos that have been added on youtube in the past week:
(This video does not show anything inappropriate, but others do show the actual incident, in which case the van hits the little girl.)

This is a picture of the van that hits her a few seconds before she is hit



This is a picture of the 19th person to pass by, the one homeless elderly woman who stopped to help her

This is her in the hospital the day she is hit

Young Wang Yue was in a coma for more than a weak before she finally died.

Two people have been arrested for the hit-and-run so far, and they are still looking for the driver of the second van.

The toddler’s mother was surrounded by news crews on the day that young Wang Yue, or YueYue, as her mother called her died.

How cruel, how senseless; the thought that if maybe one person, just a few minutes earlier had helped this poor toddler, that she might sill be alive today, the thought that maybe, just maybe, she would have survived the tragic incident, and would have one day been reunited with her family; these are all thoughts that race through your mind as you think of this. Sometimes there’s just no way to go back, no way to right your wrong. Because of some people’s selfish hearts, Wang Yue is dead today, and it could have been prevented. The human race is by no means prefect, but I thought that we were a little more sophisticated, a little more compassionate, and over all a little more kind, than to let a 2 year old, covered in her own blood, lie dying on a street, as we walk by.


Thomas Jefferson’s first inaugural address was truly significant to American history, not only because it laid out a foundation for his entire presidency, but also because it embodied the constitution and was the first peaceful change of power in American history between opposing factions. This mind map demonstrates and explains some of the different ideas and solutions of the said inaugural address.

Week 6


Khary’s article focuses on two young girls switched at birth deciding to stay with the families that raised them.


Sam’s article depicts a woman who saved her child’s life by jumping in front of a train.


Laura’s article informs of increased tourism in Columbia which will hopefully help its economy.

Best Example: